I’m a life-long Southerner who has a day job in IT to fund two of my favorite things: travel and skiing.  Despite having had a points-earning credit card for over 20 years, I finally jumped into the points/miles game in a bigger way in 2012 and was able to see results faster than I thought possible.  At first my points earning was geared toward a big trip in 2015 when I celebrated a milestone birthday.  I thought I’d have to use the entire time between 2012 and late 2014 (when I’d book my trip) to earn enough miles and points.  I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I achieved my goals!

On that initial trip, two friends and I visited Australia and Fiji for two weeks. They used their own miles on some segments and we did have one flight segment paid for in cash but beyond that all flights and hotels were paid for with some sort of miles or points.  And while one friend chose to fly economy, two of us flew business class for the longhaul segments and we stayed in two Park Hyatts and a two-bedroom condo at a Hilton resort.  That trip just gave me a thirst for travel in a style to which I’ve now become accustomed.  Since then I’ve been able to visit numerous countries using miles and points to either cover all or most of the airfare and lodging expenses. Though some friends and family think I’ve been “everywhere” I’m only at 29 countries and still haven’t been to Africa, South America or Antarctica so I have a long way to go yet!

Yes, those other bloggers have been around much longer than I have but I’m happy to coach newbies through the process in a private setting.  Be sure to email me at 2btraveling @ gmail.com if you have questions!


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