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Using Amex’s Bluebird

Wouldn’t it be great if you could earn points/miles/cash back for things you can’t normally pay for with your credit card? Amex has a solution: Bluebird.

Bluebird works like a bank account in that you can deposit money to it and from there you can use its bill pay system to have Bluebird send out checks or you can get checks for that account and write them yourself. It comes with an Amex-branded card that you can use like a debit card to make purchases or ATM withdrawals.

The difference is that you must first add funds to your Bluebird account and only then can you spend the funds. You can add up to $5000 per month to your Bluebird account though I believe there is a maximum of $2500 per day. Continue reading

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Impressions of Vienna

On my business trip to Vienna we had limited time to sightsee: one evening, a full day before work began and one afternoon and evening once our business had concluded. I had hoped to attend some kind of musical performance whether it was classical music, opera or even the Boys’ Choir but as August is European Vacation Month I didn’t find anywhere offering these attractions during the times we had free.

As I was the only one of our group who had been to the city before, thanks to the stop on my Viking Danube cruise in 2017, I played a bit of tour guide and was glad I’d done a blog post about it!

Our first stop was the Schönbrunn Palace. Instead of having a personal guided tour we did the audio guide and did the shorter tour. Photos are still not allowed inside but the gardens were more beautiful in August than they were during my prior visit, which was in October.

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