Bonus miles for MileagePlus Dining Program

Each of the airlines is an affiliate with the Dining network.  Use a registered credit card to dine at one of participating establishments and earn miles for each dollar of credit card spend.  For the first ten(?) dines of each year you get five miles per dollar spent and after that I believe it’s eight miles per dollar.

United recently sent me a targeted promo to earn 7500 bonus miles if I dined ten times between now and a date in December.  As a single person I eat out a lot both because I can’t/don’t want/don’t like to cook and because cooking for one is a pain.  Two of the restaurants in my regular “rotation” participate in the Dining Rewards program.  Great!  Until I read the fine print: not only must there be 10 separate dines, for each dine I must spend $40 or more.  For the two participating restaurants I visit regularly, my average bill is $10.31.  I could theoretically buy gift cards on each visit but, wow, that’s a lot of spend for 7500 miles.  For me, it’s just not worth it.

Did you receive one of these offers?  Are you planning to try to get the bonus miles?

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