The Year in Travel

2014 was an unusually heavy travel year for me. I normally like to take a ski trip in January and another in February and then another big vacation in the fall, with a weekend trip thrown in here and there. But when we were offered the opportunity to go on a river cruise in spring 2014, that meant I had to forego my fall 2013 big vacation, since my company’s vacation year is based on our fiscal year and not the calendar year. But it also meant 2014 would be very busy!

I started out with ski trips to Breckenridge and Beaver Creek, CO and then took a long weekend with friends in Chicago in March. The European river cruise was in April and in September friends and I visited Turkey. I had one final trip to Chicago in October to obtain Global Entry for the next five years.

So visually my traveling looked like this:

My Year in Travel - 2014 Made with

My Year in Travel – 2014
Made with

That’s a total of 30,862 miles in a year. While I realize that’s peanuts in comparison to true road warriors, it’s quite a lot for me! The best part is that at least the last three trips were all paid for with miles. They weren’t free – the first class segments on British Airways had large fuel surcharges – but they allowed me to travel in comfort and be much better rested when I arrived that I would have been if I’d flown in economy.

What’s on the horizon for 2015? Much less travel as of right now. But so far I’m only using points, even for my domestic trips. I am flying in economy on my first trip of the year but because I’m using points I paid for the extra legroom on the two longer flights. I’m not that tall but my legs are long enough that I really like the extra space.

Here’s the plan for 2015 so far:

Projected 2015 Travel Made with

Projected 2015 Travel
Made with

I’ve got a “round” birthday coming up this year and decided to celebrate it in style, Down Under. I’ve got all my airline tickets booked (on points, of course!) and a couple of the hotels. I’m working on gaining the points for the other hotels by the end of March. I’m very excited about this!

With no trips currently planned between February and October, I imagine I’ll have to get away for a long weekend this spring. I will head back home for Mother’s Day. If my dad doesn’t come to Memphis for the golf tournament, then I’ll go home for Father’s Day too.

What kind of travel do you have planned for 2015?

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