Lounge Review: Lufthansa Lounge, Cologne-Bonn Airport

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Lounge Review: Lufthansa Lounge, Cologne-Bonn Airport
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I had a very early start to the day for my return trip. My flight from Munich to Chicago departed at 11:25 AM so I wanted to be sure I had plenty of time to connect – and even to catch a backup flight should my original flight get canceled. So I was booked on a 6:20 AM flight from the Cologne/Bonn airport to Munich. I booked a ride with Suntransfers and my only complaint was that they were non-negotiable as to pickup time and that was at 3:55 AM. At that time of day, with no traffic and it’s a short drive anyway, I was at the airport around 4:30 AM and the Lufthansa ticket counter didn’t even open until 5 AM so I had to stand there for half an hour with my bags. Ah well, certainly better than being late.

CGN airport is quite small. In fact, on their website, the motto is: so simple. There are two terminals. Terminal 1 handles Lufthansa, Germanwings, Austrian and Star Alliance partners and Terminal 2 handles all other airlines. Each Terminal has a lounge. In T2 it’s a generic business lounge for all the airlines while in T1 it’s a Lufthansa-branded lounge.

As the airport is small, so is the lounge. However with Lufthansa being the dominant carrier I can see that it might get crowded with elite travelers gaining access even if they’re on an economy ticket. It opens at 5:30 AM so I had to wait a bit for entry.

The lounge is circular in shape and one side of the room has the comfortable lounging chairs while the other side has tables and chairs for dining.

Lufthansa Lounge CGN Casual Seating

There’s a rack with newspapers from around the world.

Lufthansa Lounge CGN Newspapers

And there’s the buffet. It’s quite small. Of course at 5:30 AM there were only two of us customers in the lounge anyway. But this is the whole buffet.

Lufthansa Lounge CGN Buffet

Lufthansa Lounge CGN Buffet

Lufthansa Lounge CGN Buffet

Lufthansa Lounge CGN Buffet

While researching this post I did see comments indicating that the lounge is air conditioned while the terminal is not. As someone from the American South I find the mere thought of an un-air conditioned building mind-boggling yet I do know they exist even within the US. But it does get warm in Germany so I’m surprised that a public building would not be air conditioned (or maybe it’s just not turned up as much as we would in the US). At any rate, in November the temperature was fine both in the lounge and in the terminal.

It’s not much of a review. I believe I had something to drink and that was it because I knew I’d be getting food on the plane. But it’s a really small lounge and the photos pretty much tell the tale.

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