Lodging Review: King Accessible Tub Studio Suite, Homewood Suites, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Homewood Suites Steamboat Springs

Since I stayed at this property just two years ago, this review will be brief. I’ll only highlight the differences in the room. During my previous stay I was in a King Bed One Bedroom Suite but on this trip I had stayed in a King Accessible Tub Studio Suite, normally meant for those who need accessible amenities. Since I’d already reviewed this property, I’d planned to stay at the Hampton Inn in downtown Steamboat. But on Thanksgiving weekend I received an email stating that the hotel would be closing permanently as of December 1 (I think that was the date). As the email did not come from someone with a hilton.com or hamptoninn.com email address I was a bit skeptical but decided I should go ahead and move my reservation since there are very few properties in Steamboat that are available on points or by using a free night certificate (which I did). Thank goodness I swapped reservations quickly as I got one of the last available rooms and that’s why I ended up with an accessible room. I later learned the Hampton and a Fairfield Inn were being converted to employee housing.

The room was at the end of the hall. The door opened directly into the kitchen. The kitchen counter and appliances were all on the right and a door connected to the adjacent room was on the left.

Homewood Suites Steamboat Accessible Suite Entry

Like the kitchens in the other room, this one featured a full-sized refrigerator and dishwasher, a microwave, coffee maker and a two-burner stove top. I didn’t check to see how well stocked with pots and pans the cupboards were as I knew I would not be making or keeping food in the room. The trash can was quite small and there was a cutout under the sink, I assume to make it easier to access for those in wheelchairs.

Homewood Suites Steamboat Accessible Suite Kitchen

Straight ahead was the living area with an L-shaped desk and the sleeper sofa beyond that. The thermostat was beside the desk and there were electrical outlets and a phone jack beside it too.

Homewood Suites Steamboat Accessible Suite Desk

The sleeper sofa was only the width of a double bed so not long enough to stretch out on. The coffee table and ottoman had the familiar combination seen in other Homewood Suites properties.

Homewood Suites Steamboat Accessible Suite Sofa

Separating the living area from the bedroom area was a 4-drawer chest with the TV sitting atop it. The TV could be swiveled toward either the sofa or the bed as needed. The closet was right beside the TV.

Homewood Suites Steamboat Accessible Suite TV and Closet

The king-sized bed was comfortable and quite high off the floor. I wondered how easy it would be to get oneself into it from a wheelchair. The night stands on either side had ample outlets. There was also a chair with a lamp in the corner.

Homewood Suites Steamboat Accessible Suite King Bed

The bathroom’s entrance was beside the closet and this is where the accessible features were most notable. The vanity was quite tall but again had space under the sink for a wheelchair. I continue to love the light within the mirror. For those of us who are near-sighted it’s very helpful.

Homewood Suites Steamboat Accessible Suite Bathroom

The right side of the bathroom contained the tub/shower and the toilet with plenty of room between the two to navigate a wheelchair. It does seem to me the cabinet above the toilet would have been better placed elsewhere. When sitting on the toilet if you weren’t careful you could easily smack your head on it. The two towel hooks – one high, one low – right beside the tub were a nice touch.

Homewood Suites Steamboat Accessible Suite Bathroom

The tub itself had three grab bars and a hand-held shower nozzle. There was an extra control which directed the spray between the hand-held nozzle and the wall-mounted one. It took me a moment or two to figure out how to get the spray where I needed it but it was fairly intuitive.

Homewood Suites Steamboat Accessible Suite Shower

The shampoo, conditioner and lotion were all Neutrogena brand, as usual. The soap was Zero brand. I applaud a change of soaps as I found the Neutrogena soap always left my skin dry, which is NOT a good thing in ski country where the air is quite dry to begin with.

Homewood Suites Steamboat Accessible Suite Toiletries

In the End

For one night this room was perfectly adequate for my needs. As the only Hilton-brand hotel in the Steamboat area it’s a great value for a free night certificate where rooms can cost well over $500 per night.

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