Lodging Review: San Moritz Condos #K202, Crested Butte, Colorado

In February I spent a long weekend with my cousin and her family at Crested Butte ski resort in Colorado. Though Crested Butte is not far from Aspen/Snowmass as the crow flies, it’s a 4-5 hour drive away during winter and 3.5-4 hours in the summer. My cousin reserved an Air BnB in the San Moritz condo complex, unit K202. There are three buildings in this complex, each on situated above the other and ours was the building in the middle.

San Moritz Condos, Crested Butte, CO


As you look at the Crested Butte trail map, the San Moritz condos are at the far right near the West Wall lift. The complex is ski-in/ski-out though not every unit is. Fortunately our unit was second from the end near the ski hill so it was a very short walk to the end of the parking lot. From there we could put on our skis and ski down to the West Wall lift. Coming home at the end of the ski day, it was not a simple thing to ski back to the same spot. It was easy enough to get back to the base of the West Wall lift but from there it was uphill to reach the parking lot of our building. It may be different in years when there was more snow but for less experienced skiers I’d recommend just walking back up the hill to the condos vs. trying to navigate down from the top. For true beginning skiers I’d recommend taking the complimentary shuttle to and from the base. The San Moritz staff can provide the details on that.

Exterior and Common Areas

The building itself looks rather rustic with a bit of a log cabin-feel. There are, I believe, four condo units on each of the three floors. There are two entrances in the buildings, one between units 1 and 2 and the second between units 3 and 4. Entry is on the second level, where our unit was located. Open stairs leading both up and down are in the hallway along with a room full of wood for the units’ fireplaces. It was also very common for folks to leave their skis or snowboards in the hallway instead of taking them into their condos. On one night a group did return rather late and their voices clearly echoed in that area so it’s always helpful if you have courteous neighbors.

On the first floor was a small hot tub that would seat six if you were good friends. I only used it one night and fortunately there were only two others in it so it was not too crowded. As this was in February 2022 you were theoretically supposed to sign up for a time to use the hot tub though I didn’t and fortunately it was not an issue. I don’t know if this was due to COVID or if it’s just because the hot tub was so small in relation to the number of people who might want to use it that this was the best way to prevent overcrowding.

Unit K202

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the door to unit K202 as you never know how realistic photos of a place are. The unit had obviously been fairly recently refurbished as everything looked modern and we saw very few signs of wear.

The unit is billed as a three-bedroom where the master can actually be closed off and sold as a hotel-type room if needed. The master has a king bed and is on the right side of the condo with an exterior door leading back to the main hallway as well as a sliding glass door on to the common walkway on the downhill side of the building. The other two bedrooms are on the left side of the condo. The second bedroom has a queen bed and its own sliding glass door on to the common walkway. The third bedroom has two sets of bunk beds and one of the lower bunks is a double bed, meaning you could easily sleep five children in that room.


The entry area was thoughtfully set up for skiers. There were two trays on the floor to hold snowy boots and lots of hooks for skis and poles and several for jackets. As we had six sets of skis we typically chose to leave them in the hall and use all the hooks for jackets. But we definitely filled up the boot trays with whichever set of boots (ski or hiking) we weren’t wearing!

San Moritz #K202 Entry Hall with hooks for coats and skis and trays for wet boots

Main Living Area

The central room of the condo was comprised of an open-air kitchen, the dining area and the living room area.


The galley-style kitchen was thoroughly modern and also served as the passageway to the second and third bedrooms and the hall bath. Stainless steel appliances contrasted with the black cabinets to give the room a sleek look. The large side-by-side refrigerator/freezer had plenty of space for our needs. There were enough plates/bowls/glasses, etc. to get us through a couple of days before we had to run the dishwasher. The embedded cooktop was easy to operate and had the ventilated hood directly above. There were plenty of auxiliary utensils (serving spoons, spatulas, large knives, etc.) that we didn’t have to scrounge for what was needed. The counter was nice and wide with six stools on the far side which would be great if you had a lot of children to feed!

San Moritz #K202 Kitchen and Bar

Dining Area

The dining area was right next to the counter and featured six chairs around the table. Keeping with the kitchen’s theme of black and stainless/silver colors, the chairs were actually very comfortable for metal chairs and the table was plenty large enough for six people.

San Moritz #K202 Dining Table

Living Area

The living area contained a sofa on the left side, a sliding glass door on to the common walkway as the back wall, a fireplace in the back right corner and the TV and entertainment unit against the right wall. The TV was a large flat screen and we enjoyed watching the Beijing Winter Olympics at all hours of the day and night. Though we didn’t use it, there was a ceiling fan which I’m sure feels great during the summer. A large mirror on the right wall was helpful for those last minute checks before walking out the door.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Master Bedroom and Bath

The entrance to the master bedroom was to the right from the main living area. It could be completely locked off, essentially turning the main unit into a two-bedroom unit while the master bedroom could be closed off into a hotel-style room as it had its own door to the main stairwell entrance area.

Like a hotel room the master area had a small hallway with a bathroom followed by the larger bedroom area. The master bath had dual sinks and each sink had two drawers underneath for storage. Hand soap dispensers were provided and I like that better than unwrapping those tiny bars of soap.

San Moritz #K202 Master Bathroom Sinks

Across from the sink was a tub/shower with a showerhead that was could easily be re-positioned as needed. I think very tall people will appreciate the extra height on it. While the spray could be adjusted somewhat, I still long for a showerhead that pounds the water down though I know there are environmental measures in place that may prevent those.

San Moritz #K202 Master Bathroom Tub/Shower

Instead of small bottles of shampoo, conditioner and bath soap, the unit (and I assume all units in the complex) have these dispensers. It was a bit unexpected then to find that neither bathroom had soap provided though there was plenty of shampoo and conditioner. We notified the Air BnB owner who contacted the San Moritz office and later two giant bottles of body wash were brought to our unit. It just struck me as odd that cleaning staff did not check that. Of course with the labor shortage the staff were just trying to get units turned over as quickly as possible but hopefully that won’t be an issue again.

San Moritz #K202 Bath Toiletries

The black/silver/white color theme extended into the master bedroom area with black furniture accented with white and silver. The king-sized bed was very comfortable and I was pleased to see a selection of pillows so I could choose the one I liked best. Each side of the bed had a night stand with a lamp. Across from the bed (and apparently I forgot to photograph!) was a six-drawer chest upon which the TV sat.

San Moritz #K202 Master Bedroom

The closet was large and backed up to the bathroom. A dirty clothes hamper was provided as were plenty of plastic hangers. It’s so nice to see regular hangers rather than those kind with the ring permanently attached so guests can’t “steal” them! In this photo of the closet you can also see the door leading to the outdoor hallway that allows this room to have its own entrance. This proved quite handy when we were leaving as I had only taken my skis bag so I’d packed it in my room and could just take it straight out the door instead of having to ease it around the corner into the living area and then back out the front door and making another turn to get it to the parking lot.

San Moritz #K202 Master Closet

Second Bedroom

The second bedroom kept the black furniture theme but the color palette included a beige/tan color as contrast. The furniture was identical with a couple of night stands, the corner mirror but the TV sat on a bookshelf instead of a chest.

San Moritz #K202 Second Bedroom

The closet contained bins for clean hot tub towels, dirty hot tub towels as well as another one that could be used for dirty clothes.

San Moritz #K202 Second Bedroom Closet

Hall Bath

The hall bath was the mirror image of the master bath: dual sinks with two drawers beneath and a tub/shower.

Laundry Room

The laundry room was fantastic. In addition to a full-sized washer and dryer, basic laundry products were provided along with a first aid kit and manuals for all the appliances. Very thoughtful!

San Moritz #K202 Laundry Room

San Moritz #K202 Laundry Room Amenities

Third Bedroom

The third bedroom was quite large but perfect for a group of kids. On the left was one set of bunk beds. A low seat ran around the edge of the room. It was too narrow for this adult but good for kids.

San Moritz #K202 Third Bedroom Bunk Beds

The window in this room looks out to the parking lot and the room included some fun artwork.

San Moritz #K202 Third Bedroom Decor

On the right side was the second set of bunks and the lower bed was larger than the top bunk.

San Moritz #K202 Third Bedroom Bunk Beds

Behind the door was a set of eight pull-out baskets that could be used as drawers. Perfect for holding lots of kid-sized gear. (Sorry for the blurry photo.)

San Moritz #K202 Third Bedroom Storage


The master bedroom, second bedroom and living room all had sliding glass doors that opened on to a common balcony area that faced downhill. This walkway was common to all condos on this floor.

San Moritz #K202 Common Walkway/Balcony

Walking to the far end of this balcony towards the slopes makes it easy to see how close the West Wall lift is to the building though there was no access to the snow from this particular point.

San Moritz #K202 View of the slopes from the end of the balcony

Getting Around

I mentioned that the complex does have a shuttle to the resort base. I assume from there one can catch the bus into the town of Mt. Crested Butte. Since we had our own vehicle I never had to check that out. It’s worth noting this complex is not really within walking distance of anything except other condo complexes so you’ll want to plan accordingly.

In The End

This particular unit was great. It was modern, updated and well-furnished. For experienced skiers it’s not an issue getting to and from the slopes just by walking a few yards to the edge of the parking lot. If your group includes beginning skiers the better choice may be to take the shuttle to the base. If we go back to Crested Butte again I’d be happy to stay in this same unit.

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