2022: The Year in Travel

2022 saw my return not only to skiing but to international travel. In both cases there was a wonderful sense of normalcy returning. While masks were still required for my ski trips, by the time I took a flight in May they were optional. I chose to wear a mask on my trip over to Europe as I didn’t want to chance catching anything that would ruin my enjoyment but I didn’t wear one on the way back.

I had five trips this year that involved flights. Three were ski trips and the other two were with my travel buddies. For trips to see family I just have a three-hour drive.

Ski trips this year were to Beaver Creek, Colorado (where I’d intended to fly into the Vail/Eagle County airport (EGE) but learned that during inclement weather regional jets can’t land there! But I caught a ride from Denver and was able to return home from Eagle), to Crested Butte, Colorado (Gunnison – GUC) and Steamboat, Colorado (Hayden – HDN). I had a round-trip flight to Chicago (ORD) in May where I met up with friends for a trip to the Great Plains, including Mount Rushmore.

My 2022 Domestic Travel

In October I finally left the country for the first time since 2019, flying United to meet my friend in Chicago and flying to Florence (FLR) via Zurich (ZRH) on SWISS and then flying to Paris (CDG) on Air France where we took a Viking River Cruise to Normandy and back before I returned to Chicago on Air France and back to Memphis on United. I’m still working on that trip report but hope to finish it early in the new year.

My 2022 International Travel

My flight maps this year have a lot of overlapping lines, especially between MEM-DEN, MEM-DFW and MEM-ORD but that’s life in a non-hub city.

Though I didn’t add any new entries to my “countries I’ve visited” list, I thought I’d include a map of that here.

Countries I’ve visited so far. I plan to add at least one new country next year! Get your own map on the Matador Network

Where did your travels take you this year? Leave me a comment!

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