Earn AAdvantage Miles When Buying Event Tickets

Determining which card to use to buy event tickets such as concerts or sporting events can sometimes be easy or sometimes be hard. For example, American Express often has pre-sale events where you must use an Amex card to make those purchases. Other times MasterCard is running a promotion and you must use one of their cards. But when there are no obvious choices, what card do you typically use? Here are some options that come to mind:

  • Citi Double Cash, Premier or Prestige, earning 2 Thank You Points per dollar
  • Barclays ArrivalPlus, earning two miles per dollar which can be used to erase travel purchases
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited, earning 1.5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar
  • any card where you’re trying to meet the minimum spend

Now American Airlines wants to help you earn AAdvantage miles on top of whatever currency you’re earning with your credit card. They’ve teamed up with Vivid Seats, a ticket re-seller, to give you a minimum of 3 AA miles per dollar spent on the base ticket price.

As an example, for an upcoming NBA game here in Memphis, the cheapest tickets ranged from $10-14. For 2 x $10 tickets, you could earn 60 AA miles, or 3 miles per dollar. For 2 x $12 tickets, your $48 would earn up to 70 miles or at bit over 3 miles per dollar. It appears all mileage amounts are rounded up.

While this may not be an opportunity for everyone, it’s certainly worth a look the next time you’re looking for seats at an event in your area!

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10,000 Delta Miles with DirecTV

Now through October 1st you can get 10,000 Delta miles for subscribing to DirecTV. You must sign a 24-month service agreement but prices will be as low as $24.99 for the first 12 months.

2014-08-31 Delta DirecTV

Is this a great deal? No, but if you were planning to switch to DirecTV anyway it’s a nice bonus. Access this offer through the SkyMiles Shopping Mall.

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Miles for tickets….no, not those tickets

2014-08-21 UA MP Score Big


We often think about going through online malls to earn bonus points or miles when we buy things online. And while you may be able to earn cash back at Ticketmaster via a mall, you can’t earn points or miles. United’s hoping to change that via their relationship with Score Big. Now you can earn a minimum of 500 United miles for each pair of tickets you buy to ball games, concerts and other events and you’ll also get 1000 bonus miles on your first purchase. You may earn even more miles depending on the event ticket you select.

There are a lot of footnotes to this promotion so be sure to read them before forking over your hard-earned dollars! Go to to get started.

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