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AA 100K offer not dead!

It seems the reports of the demise of the American Airlines 100K mile credit card were premature.  True, the link was not working for a few days but it seems to be back now, per this post from Mommy Points.2014-07-13 AA Exec Card

Get yours while it’s hot!

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Rhine Runaway – A Short Visit to Amsterdam

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Rhine Runaway – Booking Process
Rhine Runaway – Houston to Amsterdam

I’ll be the first to say we did not do Amsterdam justice. A combination of a few things factored into that but at the end of the day we decided we’d just have to return with Amsterdam as a destination.

I finally made it to the ship around 9:30-10:00 am and was warmly greeted. It turned out this was the maiden voyage of the Viking Bestla so all our cabins were ready. I was traveling with a group of 12 people, 10 of whom had traveled together and had already arrived. My roommate for the trip and I live in different cities from each other and from the rest of the group so we were on different flights. She was due to land a couple of hours after me so I decided to just wait for her on the boat.

Once she arrived and got settled in our cabin, it was lunch time. Since our meals were included we decided just to eat on the boat before venturing out. Amsterdam has canal tours with several companies operating them. We’d bought one online from Viator so we set out to trade our vouchers for tickets. We’d gotten some general directions as to the location of the ticket booth but they all involved walking through the Centraal Station and we came to find out that’s not possible without a ticket. (Or if it is, we couldn’t figure it out!) After a good bit of walking we finally found the ticket booth and waited about 10 minutes to pick up our tickets. Then we got in line for the boat and that killed another 45 minutes or so. At least the sun was out and the temperature was pleasant!

Centraal Station in Amsterdam with a tour boat

Centraal Station in Amsterdam with a tour boat

We finally got our turn on the boat and it was interesting. However the lack of sleep on our flights combined with the same narration in three languages (Dutch, German and English) meant we were not as alert as we’d have liked to have been. We’d hoped to go see the Anne Frank house while in Amsterdam but by that point we were just too tired and thought we’d run out of time before meeting the rest of the group for dinner.

So we saw a bit of architecture and learned a bit of history but have now added Amsterdam to the list of places to spend a few days.

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Latest AA Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus

In February American Airlines introduced their Citi Executive AAdvantage credit card.  It came with a steep $450 annual fee but offered AAdmirals club access, a $200 credit after $200 in purchases as well as 100,000 miles after spending $10,000 on the card in three months.  As of today that offer is dead.

2014-07-11 ACExec-75K

But the good news is that they’ve got a new offer!  Not quite as many miles but with a lower spending requirement.  The new offer is 75,000 miles after $7,500 in spending within three months.  There’s a $100 credit after $100 in spending though the $450 annual fee is still in place.

Offer: Citi Executive/AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard

Full list of terms:

Terms and Conditions

           Terms and Conditions


What’s not mentioned is that these cards are churnable!  That means you can apply for and receive the card, meet the spending requirement, collect the miles, then cancel the card and start the cycle all over!  Being a little more cautious than some, I picked up two of the 100,000 mile offers.  I plan to pick up one of the 75,000 cards when it’s time for my next round of credit card applications.  There are some limitations as to how quickly you can churn these so feel free to ask if you have questions.

Thanks to View From The Wing for pointing out this offer!


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Register Now for Third Quarter Bonuses

It’s the start of a new quarter and the start of new quarterly bonuses with your Discover (or DiscoverIt) card and your Chase Freedom Visa card.

Discover 3rd Quarter Bonus Registration

Discover 3rd Quarter Bonus Registration

For the Discover card, you can get 5% cash back (up to $1500) when you use your card at gas stations.  Register HERE for the Discover quarterly bonus.

Freedom 3rd Quarter Bonus Registration

Freedom 3rd Quarter Bonus Registration

For the Chase Freedom Visa, you earn 5x Ultimate Rewards (UR) points on purchases at Kohl’s and at gas stations.  UR points can be used in two ways: redeem them for a penny a point on travel or, if you have a Chase Sapphire or Ink card you can transfer these points to airline or hotel points, where it’s possible to get more than a penny a point.  I prefer to wait until I need the points in a specific airline/hotel program before transferring them.  Of course when using points this way you’re at the mercy of the airline/hotel to have award seats/rooms available.  When using URs to “buy” airfare/hotel rooms the airline/hotel sees the purchase as one made with cash, so you’re actually earning points in that airline/hotel’s program during your stay.  Register HERE for the Chase Freedom quarterly bonus.

Got questions about quarterly bonuses? Just leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help.

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