My American Airlines & US Airways Accounts Are Combined!

I don’t have status with either American Airlines or US Airways. I’ve not yet flown a million (paid) miles. As such, I figured I would be far down on the chain of accounts to be combined. Working in my favor was the fact that I’d already pre-matched my AA and US accounts, so the program performing the transfer of US miles to AA wouldn’t have to try to figure out the account matching.

This morning I finally received the email that I’d been reading others had already received: my accounts have been matched.

2015-03-29 AA US Matched

When I look at my current AAdvantage activity on the AA website, there’s now an entry dated March 25 with a description of “Dividend Miles transferred” followed by the balance that was in my US Airways account. I’d taken a screen shot of my US miles earlier in the week to be sure that the correct number transferred over, and it did.

I did not have any miles in the Continental system at the time that they merged with United but I’ve heard numerous anecdotes of how badly things went with that process. I’m sure there may be some glitches along the line, especially for people who have status and are dealing with expected upgrades, etc. But since I’m not in that situation, it appears the merger is a complete success for me.

Have your accounts been combined? Did you have any issues?

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