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We finally arrived in Auckland on Qantas flight from Sydney. Normally I wouldn’t review a 3-hour trip but our A330-300 was in an international configuration with lie-flat seats so I thought I’d include a brief overview.

Qantas 145 SYD-AKL
Airbus A330-300
Seat: 4E (Business Class, Aisle, Center Section)
Scheduled Departure: 1135 (Actual: 1150)
Scheduled Arrival: 1640 (Actual: 1647)
Flight time: 3h 7m (Actual: 2h 57m)

We boarded through door 2L. We’d originally had two seats in the center section, but as on the previous leg, when my friend changed the first leg of her journey from an American flight to one with Alaska Airlines, her seat assignment was lost. Fortunately she was just across the aisle.

We were offered our choice of pre-departure beverage: champagne, still water or sparkling water. As I didn’t select it, I’m not sure if the champagne was the Duval-Leroy Brut or the Jacquart Brut Mosaique.

The cabin felt so fresh compared to the one we’d just flown on the 747, but that’s to be expected. I imagine the daylight helped the cabin to feel much airier as well.

QF145 A330-300 Business Class Cabin

Waiting for me at my seat was a pillow and a blanket.

QF145 Business Class Seat

The seat stretched underneath the armrest of the seat in front which made for a somewhat small cubby. But I didn’t stretch the seat out all the way to sleep, so it wasn’t an issue for me.

QF145 Business Class Legroom

Down near the floor was a nice-sized compartment for storing things like a water bottle and eye glasses while sleeping.

QF145 Lower Storage Compartment

My large armrest was on my left (aisle) side and had an enclosed compartment running around the privacy partition. In the corner was an area specifically for the water bottle. A peg for the headphones was just above the compartment. The headphone jack, USB port and electrical outlet were part of the exterior of this section. On the side was the seat controls.

QF145 Outlets and Upper Storage Area

The IFE controller was tucked underneath the armrest. A mirror was on the underside of the cover, making it easy to tilt it toward your face.

QF145 IFE Controller

The tray table popped out from the side. While I could push it aside to stand up, I’m not sure I could have exited into the aisle while it was out.

QF145 Tray Table

As this was a lunchtime flight the service started fairly quickly after we reached our cruising altitude. The menu was as follows:

I selected the buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes for my starter. A small salad and bread came along with that.

QF145 Buffalo Mozzarella Starter

For my main I had the pork with the mushroom and brandy cream pithivier (aka a pot pie). It was pretty decent.

QF145 Pork Entree

When ice cream was advertised for dessert, I pictured a couple of scoops in a bowl. But it was something like an Eskimo Pie except with salted honey ice cream. It was pretty good.

QF145 Ice Cream Bar

Our cabin was mostly, but not completely full. The staff was good and there were no issues on this relatively short flight. When we returned to Australia toward the end of our trip I considered buying a business class ticket though I ultimately decided against it because that particular flight only had recliner seats.

In the end

This was basically the equivalent of a mid-continent-to-the-coast flight in the US, except on an internationally-configured plane. Nothing to get excited about but certainly nicer than flying in economy or in recliner seats. I was glad this configuration was available to tack on to the end of our long journey from the US to New Zealand.

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