Review: Hyatt Place Denver Downtown

After spending a night in Vail in August, my friends and I drove back down to Denver to spend a day sightseeing there.  We mapped out things we wanted to do and then looked for a hotel central to those locations.  Since there were three adults I specifically looked for a Residence Inn or a Hyatt Place knowing that the layout of these hotel rooms usually works well for us and that breakfast is included.

The only hotel-provided parking available is with the valet. We thought about parking on the street but the valet pointed out it was cheaper to park at the nearby Pavillions shopping center.  He even watched our car for us while we checked in.  Of course that meant we had to walk a few blocks to the car but that was not an issue for us since the weather was so nice.

What we like about Hyatt Places is that there’s a separate area with a large sleeper sofa which along with the 2 queen beds meant that we each had our own place to sleep.


Hyatt Place Denver 2 Queen Beds


Sleeper Sofa

Along the wall at the foot of the bed was a wardrobe, a TV on top of a chest that also contained the mini-bar and a desk.

In the bathroom we’d been given plenty of towels and wash cloths. There is plenty of counter space and even a good bit of storage room available under the sink. We liked that the hair dryer was not attached to the wall which meant one person could use it even while others were using the bathroom.
The shower was terrific. The shower head was nice and high and it was truly adjustable to produce a nice hard stream of water. I like this so much better than gentle rainfall showers (though that speed was available too). This was a walk-in shower with no tub but there was actually some forethought in that there was a small corner shelf at the back of the shower which was at the perfect height for resting my foot on it while shaving my leg! It would have helped if there had been a second shelf for our razors and shave gel but one step at a time, I guess.
The toiletries were the standard brand for Hyatt Places, Kenet MD. I wish Kenet would switch to a bath gel vs. the bar of soap. That way we could take partially used toiletries with us. I hope all the soaps get recycled into fresh bars.
There were just a few things that could have made our stay better:
1. The sliding door to the bathroom is opaque glass. That means that if anyone gets up during the night and turns on the bathroom light, the whole room lights up as well. I understand it’s part of “the look” of the room and we got better about maneuvering in the dark but still…
2. More towel racks in the bathroom OUTSIDE of the shower. The shower has a towel rack with a shelf on it and that’s where our folded towels were stored. But once they were used there were only two hooks in the bathroom that could be used and a small rack where our hand towels were stored. It would have been nice to have had another rack for used bath towels that we intended to re-use.
3. Personally I like a very cool room when I sleep. My friends don’t need it as cool as I do and though we set the thermostat to 66F, it was never close to being that cool. I woke up sweating a couple of times and even my friends said they kept playing the “covers on, covers off” game during the night as the comforters on their beds were much heavier than the blanket I had on the sleeper sofa.

The sleeper sofa was surprisingly comfortable. I was a little wary but was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the mattress and lack of springs poking me in the back.

Breakfast is served until 9 AM (I wish it was until 9:30 AM) and had quite a selection of choices. As we barely made it in time for breakfast the first day there wasn’t much left in the way of hot choices (which I understand) but we still found plenty to eat. On the second day, when we arrived earlier, there were a couple different types of hot entrees in addition to the French toast. It was all good!

The hotel does have a very small indoor pool, not even large enough for laps and an exercise room nearby with some weights and cardio machines.

This hotel is actually an unusual setup in that it has dual lobbies: one for Hyatt Place and the other for Hyatt House. All the lobby facilities are shared and you can have breakfast at either buffet. They even share an elevator tower. When you arrive at your floor, Hyatt Place rooms are down one hallway and Hyatt House rooms are on the other side. It’s a clever design.

There are several different seating areas both for relaxing and for eating breakfast or for having a drink from the bar.

Downtown Denver is surprisingly walkable and the Hyatt Place is in a great location to enjoy much of what there is to see. I’d be happy to stay here again if we’re in the area.

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