Lodging Review: Village Square Condos, Copper Mountain, CO

I stayed here for a week this winter as my ski club visited Copper Mountain. I don’t believe there is any true ski-in/ski-out lodging at Copper Mountain but there are several buildings of condos located in Center Village that are just a short walk away. There are also several restaurants and shops in Center Village, making this a nice convenient place to stay, especially if you don’t have a car.

Check In

Check in takes place about a quarter mile away from Center Village in the building that houses the Athletic Club and the spa. If you’ve booked through the main Copper Mountain reservations, you’re entitled to use the athletic club at no charge. The spa offers massages, saunas and hot tubs within the locker rooms.

Main Check-in and Athletic Club

I arrived well before the official check in time as I was coming over from skiing at Keystone the day before. I was able to leave my bags at the bell stand in this main building and walk around Center Village while waiting for my group to arrive. Once our condo was ready the bell staff brought my skis bag and my giant clothes bag all the way up to my room for me.

The Condos

The Village Square complex is not the closest set of condos to the slopes but is the layer behind that. Copper’s base elevation is about 9700 feet so take your time walking between the condos and the slopes, especially in ski boots. Everything takes more oxygen at that altitude!

The condos are set on their own plaza with retail shops on the ground floor at one end and a parking garage beneath both the building and the plaza. The distinctive red roof lets you know you’re in the right place. The main door opens into a small lobby with the elevators straight ahead and a long hallway to the right. This hallway has ski lockers lining both sides. The lockers aren’t assigned to a room so you will need your own padlock. Many of the condos have a couple of locks provided but if yours doesn’t you can get one from the check-in desk for a small fee that will be refunded when you return the lock at the end of your stay.

Village Square Condos at Copper Mountain, CO

Each condo is individually owned so decorations vary and the units can be configured in a number of ways. We stayed in a two bedroom unit where each of the bedrooms could be completely locked off from the kitchen and living room, so they could be rented like hotel rooms. The central portion of the unit, with the kitchen and living room, could have both bedrooms locked off and could be used as a studio apartment with a sleeper sofa and its own bathroom. In the configuration we had, it was essentially a 2-bedroom, 3-bath unit with a sleeper sofa though since there were three beds no one had to sleep on the sofa.


One bedroom has a king bed and a bathroom.

Village Square Master Bedroom

Village Square Master Bedroom Entry Hall

The sink was outside the room with the toilet and the tub shower making it easier for two people to get ready at the same time.

The second bedroom has two queen beds and its own bathroom as well.  Both bedrooms could use more available electric outlets near the bedside tables.  Fortunately we brought an extension cord with multiple outlets that helped with that situation.

Village Square Second Bedroom Beds

Village Square Second Bedroom Dresser and Desk

Once again the sink area is outside the room with the toilet and the tub shower.

Since there were two of us staying in this room, I loved the fact that there was a third bathroom in the center portion of the condo. It was a little smaller and the sink, toilet and tub shower were all behind one door but that meant my friend and I each got our own bathroom, which was great.  All of the bathrooms had what appeared to be normal light switches but when you looked very closely there were tiny dimmer sliders beside the switch.  It took us a couple of days to notice this after complaining to each other how dim the bathrooms were!

Village Square Bathroom

Just beside this bathroom, across from the kitchen, was another closet.  This worked out great for us as it gave my roommate and me twice the hanging space, which is needed for those bulky ski clothes!

Village Square Closet

Toiletries were by Sister Sky and I was not overly impressed.  There was no lotion provided which is a little unusual for mountain properties.

Village Square Toiletries

Each bedroom had a mini-fridge, a microwave and coffee maker so that if you rented this room as a hotel-type room you’d have a way to make small meals in-house. Each bedroom had four hooks, great for hanging heavy coats, as well as full closets. Neither bedroom nor the central area had a safe, at least that I saw.


The galley-style kitchen was a perfect size for this condo. Two people could easily work in there without feeling crowded. Once a third person was in the mix it did start to get a little tight. A coffee maker was provided there too. Coffee and tea packets were available from housekeeping. I did get a little frustrated that I couldn’t get simple “plain” English breakfast tea. They did have Earl Grey, which will do in a pinch, but mostly they had green tea and lavender tea, neither of which appeal to me. I even contacted the front desk and ask for breakfast tea, plainly stating that I did not want any more green or lavender but when it finally arrived, all I got was more green and lavender. I gave up at that point and chalked it up to a miscommunication as most of the housekeepers do not speak English.

Great Room

The dining table was located beside the kitchen.  Since there were only four of us in the condo we pushed it a little closer to the wall to give us a little more room.  We really only used it at breakfast as we were typically on the hill for lunch and went out to dinner.

Village Square Dining Table

The living room section had a sleeper sofa, a love seat and a comfortable chair grouped around a coffee table and facing a river rock gas fireplace with a large TV mounted over it. I’m not sure we were ever using all the seats at once and the sofa and love seat could definitely use a refresh as they tended to sag a bit.  Note that some units have actual wood-burning fireplaces.

Village Square Living Room Seating

Village Square Living Room Fireplace and TV

There is also a sun porch that is closed off with a door. There is no power on the porch so it’s not heated or cooled though the windows can be opened in the summer. On sunny days it was quite nice on the porch though it was quite cool on the cloudy days. There are a couple of chairs and a side table on the porch.  I ended up storing my luggage out here to save space in the bedroom.

Village Square Sun Porch

Our unit overlooked a local pub and the public ice rink was just behind that. We had a tremendous amount of snow the second half of the week we were there and it was amazing to see it pile up!

View from our Village Square condo. Between late-night Wednesday and the 5 AM Friday snow report we had 17 inches of snow and it continued to fall until very late Friday/early Saturday!

Other Amenities

Just off the ski locker hallway on the ground floor are the laundry room and, a bit further down, the hot tub and sauna.  There are no gym facilities on-site though you are welcome to use the Athletic Club in the building with the check-in desk, which is about a quarter-mile away.

Laundry Room

The property has five sets of washers and dryers.  I don’t use these often but loved the fact that credit cards were accepted so I didn’t have to try to scrounge up quarters.  While there was a snack machine in the room, there was no detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets for sale.  However, I found that McCoy’s Mountain Market, located just outside the condo building, did have these items for sale (at the expected mountain village premium price).

Village Square Washing Machines

Village Square Dryers

Hot Tub

There’s only one hot tub and it’s indoors.  For our visit that was a good thing as it snowed so heavily an outdoor tub would likely have been closed or not very hot due to the huge snowfall!  The tub is quite large and is in a room with lots of windows but the tub itself has wood paneling overhead and no direct lighting, which makes that corner a little dim.  There’s a nice large table with chairs which is a good place to put your towel and shoes.  There are no special hot tub towels so bring your own from your condo.

Village Square Hot Tub Seating

Village Square Stairs to the Hot Tub

Village Square Hot Tub


In the same room with the hot tub is a small sauna.  Saunas aren’t really my thing so I can’t say much about it.  There are locker rooms in this area as well so if you want to change into/out of your swimsuit here there’s a private place to do just that.

Village Square Sauna

In the End

The location is good.  The bones of the building make it very easy to configure rooms in many different ways, which is great.  I love having 3 bathrooms in a 2 bedroom condo.  Depending on your unit the decor may or may not need a refresh.  I’d certainly stay here again as it beats having to take a shuttle to the ski hill each morning.

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