Lodging Review: Hyatt Place Denver Airport

To wrap up my ski trip to Copper Mountain that included a couple of nights at the Hyatt Place Keystone and a week at the Village Square Condos, I spent the last night of the trip at the Hyatt Place Denver Airport. I’d hoped to be able to ride back to the airport with my ski club but my flight was much earlier than theirs. There were no shared shuttles leaving Copper in the wee hours of the morning so I’d already decided to use my free night certificate at this hotel. It turned out to be a good move because there was another snow storm due to arrive the day of my flight and it turned out some friends with a car were driving back to Denver that night too so it all worked out well.

Upon entering the hotel, the front desk is just ahead on the right. There are several seating areas to the left and behind the front desk is the bar, with a large seating area also used during breakfast. I was greeted immediately and while no mention was made of my low-level Discoverist status, I was offered two bottles of water.

Hyatt Place Denver Airport Front Desk

Had I wanted some snacks, there was a small market area just beside the front desk.

Hyatt Place Denver Airport Market

I was assigned a room on the fourth floor. I appreciated the large elevator that made it easier to lug my two giant bags, including one for my skis, upstairs. The elevators are nearly in the center of the building and my room was a short walk away.

Hyatt Place Denver Airport Fourth Floor Elevator Lobby

Hyatt Place Denver Airport Fourth Floor Layout

Hyatt Place Denver Airport Fourth Floor Hallway

King Room

While the room layouts for Hyatt Places vary a little, this was one of the layouts I see most often: the area nearest the door is the sofa on one side and a desk/sink/bar area on the other, a pivoting TV in the center followed by the bed and a bathroom.

The L-shape sleeper/sofa is standard for Hyatt Places and I love the giant ottoman that doubles as a coffee table. I most often use it as a luggage stand.

Hyatt Place Denver Airport Sleeper Sofa

The bar area has a sink and the coffee & tea supplies, the mini-fridge and the safe. While it’s a logical place for the safe, having to bend down to get to it is not practical for non-young people like me. As I was only staying the one night I didn’t have to put it to use so it was a non-issue for me.

Hyatt Place Denver Airport Desk and Bar Area

Hyatt Place Denver Airport Safe and Mini-Fridge

I was a bit appalled that they’d charge $5 for a bottle of water – and no discounts apparently for Hyatt elites. I guess it makes the bottles offered at check-in actually worth something.

Hyatt Place Denver Airport Exorbitantly Priced Water

The TV is positioned so that it can be angled to either the sofa side or the bed side of the room to allow easy viewing from either place. Underneath it is an area with shelves that could be used for storage if needed.

Hyatt Place Denver Airport TV

The bed itself was comfortable and clean. I was disappointed there were no foam pillows but I didn’t even think to check until I was ready to crawl in the bed so I didn’t bother the front desk to ask if any were available.

Hyatt Place Denver Airport King Bed

The next time this hotel gets a refresh more electrical outlets need to be added beside the bed. There was only one outlet on each side and it was under the night stand. Hotels should always count on guests having at least a phone and a tablet charging beside them at night and outlets should be easily accessible.

Across from the bed was the sink. I liked that there was a large amount of counter space but was a little puzzled as to why it wasn’t the same height all the way across. Another small drawer could have been added to make the right side of the counter the same height. Toiletries were the standard Kenet MD brand. I like them well enough but will never figure out why actual bars of soap are used instead of body wash. It seems so wasteful for one night stays like mine.

Hyatt Place Denver Airport Sink

The closet was to the right of the sink and had a full-length mirror on the door. It was actually fairly deep but the small opening would have made it difficult to get to clothes in the back of the closet, should someone be staying here for several days with lots of hanging clothes. This is also where the iron and ironing board were stored.

Hyatt Place Denver Airport Closet

To the left of the sink was the room with the toilet and walk-in shower. This is the first Hyatt Place I’ve been to in awhile that didn’t have the little footrest in the back corner of the shower. Though I didn’t need it this trip, it’s always nice to have it available for shaving my legs. The water was also a bit slow to heat the morning I departed. I later learned there was a large group at the hotel who’d be leaving shortly after me so I don’t know if they were all showering at the same time or if it was just because it was winter and it simply takes time to heat the water.

Hyatt Place Denver Airport Shower and Toilet



As usual at Hyatt Places the breakfast is included. The buffet setup was a little different here because they were expecting a group of 250 to be dining later that morning. I was glad I was gone by the time they came downstairs. Breakfast is served from 6-10 AM each day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s quite a bit of seating in the area as it’s also used for the bar in the evenings. I don’t have a photo of the bar because someone was either at or behind the counter each time I passed by.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gym and Pool

The hotel has a small gym with four cardio machines and some hand weights. Towels are provided so you don’t have to bring one from your room. I looked out the back door and could see where the indoor pool was located but never could figure out how to get back to it.

Hyatt Place Denver Airport Cardio Machines

Hyatt Place Denver Airport Hand Weights


The hotel has a shuttle that will take you where you need to go within a 3-mile radius and that includes the airport.  Be sure to sign up ahead of time if you need a ride to the airport as it does fill up during busy times.

In The End

This was a great place for a pre-flight stay.  While not an aspirational use of the free night from my World of Hyatt credit card, it provided me with a clean, comfortable room, breakfast and an airport shuttle at no additional cost.  I’d be glad to stay here again in a similar situation.

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