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Thoughts on #LeggingsGate

By now you’ve probably heard that two teenage girls were prevented from boarding a United flight on Sunday morning because they were wearing leggings.  As facts unfolded it came out that they were flying on an employee’s “buddy pass” which allows them to fly for free on a space-available basis.  When a person flies on a pass, they are subject to extra rules, including a dress code that is stricter than for the general public.  It doesn’t matter whether or not the person agrees with the rules, if they want to fly free (or very cheaply) they must follow the rules and these girls did not.

Some commenters think this is entirely sexist as the male adult traveling with them, also on a pass (presumably one of the girls’ father) was wearing shorts and he would have been allowed to board.  But shorts (for either gender – but not short shorts) are expressly permitted so that was not an issue.  The girls changed clothes and were permitted aboard a later flight.

Matthew Klint of Live and Let’s Fly has a great summation of the events.
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