ANA Suites Lounge Review, Tokyo Narita

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ANA Suites Lounge Review, Tokyo Narita
All Nippon Airways B777-300ER First Class Tokyo Narita to Houston

Since Narita Airport is so far from downtown Tokyo (over an hour’s drive on a good day) and traffic is always a question mark, Viking arranged for me to leave the hotel at 6:30 AM for my 11:15 AM flight. As it turned out, traffic was light and we made very good time. Another couple from our cruise was in the same van but they were flying KLM so there were two Viking assistants there to meet us at the airport. One took the KLM couple to the south check-in point while mine loaded my bags on a cart and guided me to the north check-in.

As I was in ANA First, we walked back to the Z check-in area which is a private area for ANA, United and other airlines. There were about 4 ANA reps inside and I was the only passenger at that point so it felt a little strange (but nice!) to be doted on so much. Check-in was very efficient and I was directed to the dedicated security lane, the one that can only be accessed directly from the First Class check-in area. Naturally that process was speedy as well.

Then it was down the escalator to Immigration, where, of course, I picked the line that didn’t move. But I had plenty of time and once the one person holding up the line finally got through, our line moved efficiently as well.

I turned left and walked past a number of shops and one gate before coming to the escalator leading to the airline lounges.

ANA Suites Lounge Narita Lounge Entrance

After checking in at the desk, I was directed to the doors on the right, which lead to the ANA Suites Lounge. I’m guessing First Class passengers on other airlines are directed to the left side along with Business Class passengers.

Shortly after walking through the doors I was greeted promptly and led to a seating area where I camped out for the next few hours. I had a group of four seats to myself, which was handy as each seat had a single outlet so I charged up my electronics while I waited.

There were great tarmac views. Most of the planes were ANA though I did see Thai Airlines and Singapore Airlines represented at gates on the other side of the concourse.

ANA Suites Lounge Narita Tarmac View

I had eaten a small breakfast (included with our tour) at the New Otani so I wasn’t really hungry upon arrival but the breakfast buffet was primarily Japanese foods anyway. I can eat lots of traditional Japanese foods for lunch and dinner but I still need my cereal, juice, pastries, etc. for breakfast. Mid-morning I was getting a little hungry so I had a small salad to tide me over until lunch on the plane.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The lounge is quite large with a few different seating types but there’s at least one, sometimes two, outlets at each seat. Coat trees, complete with hangers, were available at many different seating groups, great for business travelers who have to dress up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was a quiet room with three lounging chairs, two of which were massage chairs.

ANA Suites Lounge Narita Relaxation Chair

ANA Suites Lounge Narita Massage Chair

The business center was the best I’ve seen with multiple outlets and even a large TV screen on one side of each cube, I assume to view presentations.

ANA Suites Lounge Narita Business Center Cubicle

ANA Suites Lounge Narita Business Center Cubicle Monitor

The bathroom was sparkling each time I visited.

Boarding announcements were made notifying passengers when it was time to board.

I really enjoyed visiting this lounge and wish I had one near me I could visit often!

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