Bonuses When Purchasing Points or Miles

Right now there are two loyalty programs offering a bonus on purchased points or miles. These are not new deals but will be expiring soon.

American Airlines Logo

American Airlines is offering both a discount and bonus miles if you purchase between now and Monday, July 13. You’ll get a 15% discount on the purchase price and a tiered bonus, depending on how many miles you buy.
2015-07-09 AA Bonus on Purchased Miles

Looking at the cost at a per point basis, here’s how that works out:
1,000 + 0 bonus = 1,000 for $25.08 = 2.50 cents per mile
15,000 + 0 bonus = 15,000 for $376.13 = 2.50 cents per mile
16,000 + 5,000 bonus = 21,000 for $401.20 = 1.91 cents per mile
30,000 + 5,000 bonus = 35,000 for $752.25 = 2.14 cents per mile
31,000 + 10,000 bonus = 41,000 for $777.33 = 1.89 cents per mile
45,000 + 10,000 bonus = 55,000 for $1128.38 = 2.05 cents per mile
46,000 + 15,000 bonus = 66,000 for $1153.45 = 1.74 cents per mile
60,000 + 15,000 bonus = 75,000 for $1504.50 = 2.00 cents per mile
61,000 + 20,000 bonus = 81,000 for $1529.58 = 1.88 cents per mile
75,000 + 20,000 bonus = 95,000 for $1880.63 = 1.97 cents per mile
76,000 + 27,500 bonus = 103,500 for $1905.70 = 1.84 cents per mile
100,000 + 27,500 bonus = 127,500 for $2507.50 = 1.96 cents per mile

(These prices do not include applicable taxes or a $30 processing fee.)

So the sweet spot – where you’d pay the least per mile – is at the 46,000 mile level.

You may purchase up to 100,000 miles in a calendar year.

Is this a good deal? Actually, it can be! As usual, I defer to Ben of One Mile At A Time and Brian, The Points Guy as to the current value of points and miles. Ben has AA miles valued at 1.8 cents apiece while Brian values them at 1.7 cents each. So if you buy 46,000 miles and get the 15,000 bonus miles you’ll be spot-on. If you only need a few miles to top off your account, it’s not a really great deal – unless you’re going to get more than 2.5 cents of value from the award ticket you’ll get.

2015-07-09 Hilton Discount on Purchased Points

Meanwhile, Hilton is offering a 25% discount when you purchase their points from now through Wednesday, July 15. The discount brings the price to 0.75 cents per point (plus applicable taxes and fees). It’s interesting that the website allows the user to choose to buy 80,000 points, but the terms and conditions state that an HHonors member may only buy 40,000 points in a calendar year.

Is this a good deal? Not really. Ben values HHonors points at 0.4 cents apiece and Brian values them at 0.5 cents each. But if you need just a few points to top off an award, it may be the route to go.

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Earn 5000 Bonus Point Per Stay at Hilton

2015-06-17 Hilton PromoToday Hilton announced a limited-time offer where you can earn 5000 bonus HHonors points for each stay between now and July 6. You must register for this promotion before you check out of your first eligible stay.

2015-06-17 Hilton Double Points Double Miles
When you stack this with the Double Points/Double Miles promotion, you can really rack up the miles quickly!

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Update Your Password and Earn 1000 Hilton HHonors Points

Hilton’s is one of the few websites that still uses a PIN security check rather than a password.  That’s changing effective April 1, 2015 when they’ll require users to create a password rather than continue using the PIN.  When I logged into my account today there was a pop-up message letting me know that if I change my password now, I’ll earn 1000 HHonors points for making the switch.

2015-03-15 Hilton Password Change

To make the change I clicked on the MY ACCOUNT link at the top of the screen, then the PERSONAL INFORMATION link under the MY PROFILE section on the left side of the screen.  There it showed my current password as a series of asterisks with the words CHANGE PASSWORD beside it.  It did not ask me for my old PIN but allowed me to enter the new password.  The new passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least 1 uppercase letter and one number or one special character.  I made the change and hope to see those 1000 points in my account soon!

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Targeted Hilton HHonors Purchased Points Promo

2015-03-11 Hilton Points PromoYesterday I received an email from Hilton regarding a promotion on purchased points.  From now through April 22, 2015 I can receive a 20% bonus on purchases of 5000-9000 points or a 40% bonus for purchases of more than 10,000 points.  With the 20% bonus the points cost .83 cents each and with the 40% bonus it’s .71 cents each.  Checking with the experts, I see that Ben values Hilton points at 0.40 cents while Brian values them at 0.50 cents each.  So this is not a price at which I’d speculatively buy points.  In fact, Hilton points are so easy to generate that I can’t think of a time when I’d buy them except if I needed to top off my account immediately.  American Express offers two Hilton cards: the no-annual-fee Hilton HHonors card that earns 7 points per dollar at Hilton and 5 points per dollar at grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations and the Hilton Surpass card which gets 12x points at Hilton properties, 6x points at gas stations, groceries and restaurants as well as free Gold status for a $75 annual fee. Both of these cards also earn 3x points in all other purchase categories.  So if you have time to plan well in advance for your trip, it’s easy to earn enough points without purchasing them.

The fine print indicates this is a targeted, non-transferable offer, so if you’re an HHonors member, check your email to see if you were targeted for a similar offer.

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Earn 3x AA Miles at Hilton

2015-02-28 AA Hilton PromoAmerican Airlines is running a promotion where you can earn 3 AAdvantage miles for every $1 spent at Hilton properties between now and May 31, 2015. It’s a targeted offer and I received it for one of my AAdvantage Executive Platinum cards. I went ahead and registered my card, even though I don’t currently have plans for a Hilton stay before the promotion period ends because as the old saying goes, it’s better to be safe that sorry.

Hilton brands include the flagship Hilton brand, Waldorf Astoria, Conrad, Curio, DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites, Home2Suites and Hilton Grand Vacation Clubs. If you’re not staying at one of these hotels, if you dine there and put the charge on your card it may qualify for the 3x points.

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Hilton Double Points or Miles Promo

2015-02-27 Hilton PromoHilton is currently offering a targeted promo where you can elect to receive double points or double miles on stays at participating hotels between March 1 and May 31, 2015.  Not all hotels are participating in this promotion so be sure to check this list if you have your eye on a particular hotel property for an upcoming stay.  You must register your choice prior to checking out for your first stay during this period.

Hilton is the only hotel chain that allows you earn both hotel points and airline miles for a single stay.  You can choose which of their airline partners you’d like to credit your stay to or you can choose to score double points on each stay.  Besides the flagship Hilton brand, the Hilton family includes Waldorf Astoria, Conrad, Canopy, Curio, DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites, Home2Suites and Hilton Grand Vacation Club.

Check your email to see if you’ve been targeted for the promotion and make your choice before your first stay.

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Free Hilton Weekend Stay with New DirecTV Subscription

If you’ve been thinking about changing to satellite TV and looking for an incentive, perhaps this is the offer you’ve been waiting on. If you switch to DirecTV between now and January 5, 2015 you can get two free weekend nights at one of many Hilton properties.2014-12-19 Hilton DirecTV Promo

There’s no equipment to buy and no installation costs for up to four receivers though there is a monthly fee for the receivers. Packages start at just $29.99 per month though a 24-month agreement is required. Click HERE to go to the web page. Be sure to find out about all the fees involved before agreeing to anything.

Not all Hilton properties are included but I was surprised at how short the list really is. The list includes many All-Inclusive properties and many Distictive properties but, for example, while the Conrad Koh Samui Residences in Thailand is on the list, the Conrad Koh Samui hotel is not. Rooms there can go for over $630 USD per night! So while it’s not worth changing your TV provider just for the rooms, if you were already considering this here’s the nudge you’ve been waiting for.

Excluded Properties (click for a larger version)

Excluded Properties
(click for a larger version)

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Hilton HHonors Points – Targeted Promo

2014-11-25 Hilton Points Sale

Hilton is currently running a targeted promo that allows you to buy HHonors points and get a bonus. You’ll have to log in to your HHonors account to determine whether you’ll earn a 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% bonus when buying points.

I was targeted for a 40% bonus which means if I buy 1000 points for $10 I get 400 bonus points at no additional charge. Likewise, if I buy the max of 40,000 points for $400 I get 16,000 bonus points. This works out to 0.71 cents per point. As always, I look to One Mile At A Time and The Points Guy to determine whether or not this is a good deal. Lucky (of OMAAT) values HHonors points at 0.4 cents per point while Brian (TPG) sets their value at 0.5 cents each. So buying points probably does not make sense unless you need just a few points to top off an award.

The promotion ends on December 22 at 22:59 ET.

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Even More Promos

Can you tell that we’re right in the midst of shoulder season?  There are all kinds of promos coming through every day.  Here are recent ones I’ve seen, in no particular order:

2014-10-08 IHG Purchased Points Bonus

IHG Rewards Club is featuring a bonus on purchased points this month.  The bonus depends on how many points you’re purchasing.  I’ve got a nice stash of points at the moment so I’ll sit this one out.

2014-10-08 Club Carlson Bonus

Club Carlson is having a sale at select hotels when you book by this Friday, October 10 and stay on select dates through the end of the month.  Talk about restrictions!  Since I just returned from vacation I won’t take advantage of this either.

2014-10-08 New AF A380 Route

I’m not an aviation geek by any means but one of the few planes I can recognize on sight is the Airbus A380, since it’s a full-length double-decker.  Air France is starting a new route, Miami to Paris (CDG), on December 1st.  Remember Air France is part of SkyTeam which means you can use Delta miles on this flight.  Sadly, Delta will not allow you access to La Premiere (first class) and if you book before the end of the year a one-way ticket will cost as much as a round-trip.  However, Air France’s Flying Blue program is a transfer partner of both Starwood and Amex Membership Rewards, so that’s the way to book first class on the new bird.

2014-10-08 Hilton Purchased Points Promo

And finally, if you hold one of the Hilton co-branded credit cards (Amex has two, Citibank has one) you should have received this offer via email.  The link in the mail is specific for each recipient but you can buy or give Hilton HHonors points until October 22 and get a bonus, depending on how many points you buy or give.  Might be a nice way to top off your account if you’re just a little short.

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Hilton HHonors Triple Your Trip promo

Hilton Hotels and their related brands like DoubleTree, Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Conrad, Homewood Suites and Embassy Suites are usually very easy to find wherever you’re traveling. Their rooms can often cost what seem to be a lot of points, but Hilton points are easy to come by, especially if you have one of their co-branded credit cards.

2014-07-21 HHonors Triple

Right now they’re running a promotion on paid stays where you can earn double or triple points per night. Double points are awarded for stays on Monday-Thursday nights and triple points for weekend nights, Friday-Sunday.

You must first register for this promotion at HERE and then your paid stays between August 1 and October 31, 2014 will be included.

I really enjoy Hiltons as the lower-tier properties like Hamptons usually include breakfast with the room and even though it may cost more points, we can use those points to get larger rooms that have a sofa bed whereas a lot of hotel chains only allow standard rooms when using points.

Even if you don’t think you’ll be staying at a Hilton during this time period, go ahead and sign up for the promotion. That way if your plans should change you’ll be covered!

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